Caerus Capital LLC is an investment and advisory firm that focuses on healthcare and education businesses in emerging and frontier markets.


We provide long-term risk capital with sector-specific expertise to the private healthcare and education sectors in emerging and frontier markets. We generate attractive commercial returns through multiples and earnings growth while improving access to good quality, reasonably priced healthcare and education for the growing mass market.

investment strategy

Our geographic focus is in regions like Africa and South Asia, where economic growth is high, demographics are favorable, and healthcare and education are undersupplied.

Our investment strategy is focused on scaling standardized, high-volume businesses that serve the growing mass markets. Our team has a proven track record and deep local and international networks, as well as the necessary financial, health and education, and executive management expertise to deliver the value required. We have an investee company performance management framework that focuses on improving financial, operational, and impact (quality, cost-effectiveness, and access) performance. 

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